Friday, March 1, 2013

Allya Memon from Karachi

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Karachi Girls Mobile Number Allya Memon
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Name:Allya Memon
Mobile Number:033****640

Allya Memon from Karachi

Assalam-a-Alaikun! Hello to everyone out there. How are you all? I think there is everything fine and ok. You people are thinking who I am. My full name is Allya Memon and I am from Pakistan largest city in Karachi. I am very ambitious lady. I am studding in Bsc 1st year right now and I want someone who can share there studies with me like we can teach each others, discus problems, help in notes and work any nice projects. The personality I need must be in Karachi must study in bsc 1st year. He/She must be good education experience in same field. I really need a personality for my studies because sometime i have no one who can teach me. There is no academy hear where I go and solve my issues. I am also solving the other personality issues. Now I am going to tell you about my family bag round because my family is very region. They don’t like to go some where out for enjoying. They like good and nice families. Therefore I am can’t go some where for studies. I think we can be a good friend as well. This time it’s about my future and I am very careful about that because i think a successful personally behind his education. I think Education is a very major part of our life. It’s improved our lifestyle. My age is 21. Is there is anyone who can contact me then please. I am waiting you response. This site is really very good for youngsters who can post there comment and posts hear. I personally like this because this is a very secure point to get in touch with friends and other members. I prefer this site to everyone out there who really needs such good things. I use this site from past few months ago and I really enjoy and fulfill my needs. I thing these sits bring change our youngsters mind. Hope for the good always because a good hope can change your life totally. Ok its time go. Good bye and be happy always.


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